Warehouse Sale April 29th Details!

The Minimoc X Little & Lively Warehouse sale is happening April 29th 2017. The Sale Starts at 10AM and goes until 3PM. To accommodate everyone, we've moved the sale to room J150 at Highstreet (by London Drugs) where there is tons of parking, and easy access to coffee shops, food etc...



Storefront Parking:
Enter Highstreet from either Mt Lehman Road or Cardinal Avenue. Take one of two ramps up to the Podium level.

The entrance to the Mezzanine is located next to Envision Financial or through the Walmart underground.

Covered Parking:
Located under the Podium level, look for entry points off Cardinal Avenue or High Street Access Road.

For more info about Highstreet http://highstreetfv.com/directions/


1. We will be accepting Cash and Credit Cards, (MasterCard, Visa, American Express.) note: the QUICKEST way to check-out would be to make an account at minimoc.ca and pay with your Credit Card.

2. ALL discounted items purchased are FINAL SALE, and are marked.

3. Prices are non-negotiable.
- Minimoc Prices range from $15 - $40 with the majority in the $25-$30.
- Little and Lively Prices will be $6-$35.

4. There will be some room inside the building to line up, but the line up will likely continue outside so keep that in mind when deciding on what to wear.

5. Full price (non warehouse sale) mocs and shoes will NOT be available at our warehouse sale.

6. Moccasins and Shoes will be organized by size and sale prices are labelled individually.

7. All the items that are out, are all the items that are available (We've increased the amount of products available again to almost double our sale last October!)

8. There is one checkout counter for both Minimoc and Little & Lively. You can pay for both shops in one purchase. (We've Increased the amount of Check-Outs this sale!)

9. If you have an account at Minimoc.ca - it will make your checkout process easier and faster! Remember your email so we can find your account quickly.

10. Some people like to come early ... like REALLY early. And that's great! But if this is not you, we will be providing updates live on Facebook and Instagram throughout the sale to let you know what the inventory is looking like.


1. The sale is on a 'first come first serve' basis.

2. Please do not spend any more time than needed in the sale. Once you are ready to pay, head straight to the cashier line. We will come and ask you to put shoes back if you are taking too long deciding.

3. There is a 10 pair maximum per person rule for Minimoc.

4. If you are purchasing items for another person who is not present at the sale, we ask that you refrain from making phone calls while inside the building to see what they want. Contact the person you are buying for BEFORE you are in the building and find out their top picks, and runner-ups!

5. If you change your mind about a pair of shoes and you take them away from a table, please put them on the 'put-back' table or leave them at the checkout and we will put them back for others to shop.

6. We don't have a lot of extra space for strollers inside the building so if you do bring your child(ren) along, please have them in a carrier. We may ask you to park your stroller outside if you do bring it along.

7. Lastly, HAVE FUN!

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