SS24 Expedition Explore


Dive into the heart of adventure with our latest collection, "Expedition Explore" – a tribute to the wild, the whimsical, and the wanderlust that lives within each child. Crafted with love and inspired by the breathtaking Canadian outdoors, here's why this collection is a must-have for your store:

  • 🎨 Inspired by Nature: From the hues of moss and lake to the vibrant tones of doeskin and rosewood, every piece reflects the beauty of Canada's landscapes.
  • 🌸 Unique Fabrics: "Bison Plaid" and "Bumblebee Meadow" patterns bring the springtime bloom to life, right on your little one's wardrobe.
  • Featuring Brittany Cardinal: Our collaboration with the talented Canadian artist adds a touch of playful whimsy to every item.
  • 🍃 SootheKnit™ Comfort: Our signature bamboo/cotton blend fabric promises unmatched softness and breathability for the most sensitive skin.
  • 🇨🇦 Proudly Made in Canada: Ethically produced, supporting local economy and craftsmanship.
  • 💖 A Journey for the Little Adventurer: More than a collection, "Expedition Explore" is an experience, echoing the spirit of childhood and the wild heart of Canada.

"Expedition Explore" is not just clothing; it's an adventure, a story, and a journey back to the wild, waiting to be discovered by your family. Perfect for those who cherish nature, quality, and Canadian craftsmanship.


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The Expedition Explore is coming at you in 4 exciting drops!

Check out the schedule below:

Feb. 29th - Graphic Shirts, Leggings & Joggers!
March 7th - Specialty Shirts & Cardigans!
March 14th - Spring Dresses!
March 21st - Onesies, Rompers, Bonnets & Accessories!

Make sure you mark your calendars!