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Our return/exchange policy allows for a 30-day window from the date of receipt, requiring items to be unused, in original condition and packaging. While return shipping costs are the customer's responsibility, we offer free shipping for exchanges within Canada and the U.S. For international exchanges, customers cover return costs, while we handle the replacement's shipment. Please note, sale items are eligible for exchange only.

Please see our Returns and Exchange Policy 

We are a family-run business in Abbotsford, BC Canada and all of our clothing is designed and manufactured right here, locally.

Most of it is made in Abbotsford and a few pieces are made nearby, in Vancouver, BC.

Our signature fabrics are sourced from our supplier in China.

You can read more about our sourcing and manufacturing process on our Transparency Page. For more information about our values and what we stand for check out our About Us Page

Our clothes fit pretty true to size. We try to ensure that our sizing is similar to familiar children's brands like Old Navy or Carters so you know what to expect. When in doubt, you can always view our universal sizing chart here

See our How To Measure Page to get the steps on measuring adults & children. 

We make and ship all of our items from Abbotsford, BC, Canada and ship almost anywhere worldwide! 

We ask that you review your order carefully! Unfortunately, we can no longer accommodate order edits after your order has been placed. You will not be allowed to change sizes, colours, or add/subtract from your order after it has been placed.

Our system does not allow customers to combine multiple discount codes. We recommend you choose the one you would like to use for your current purchase and save the other for a future purchase. 

We are generally able to ship your order out within 1-2 business days unless any of your items are a 'pre-order' or 'back-ordered' (the listing will be clearly identified if this is the case). The process of order fulfillment is in chronological order, whether it's a shipped order or a "local pick up" order. If you selected, 'local pick up' as your shipping option, please wait for your second email that states 'your order is ready to be picked up' prior to coming into our studio.

Every effort will be made to complete and dispatch your order as soon as possible. Occasionally, (during big sales, new releases, or just before the holidays), order processing time can take slightly longer. This estimate does not include shipping time which can vary depending on where it is shipping to. For tracked shipping, we use expedited parcel through Canada Post.

Our signature blend "SootheKnit" is a medium-weight Bamboo/Cotton Jersey fabric that we specifically developed with our suppliers in China.

You can read more about our sourcing procedure on our Transparency Page. Our signature blend combines the soft and breathable properties of bamboo with the structure and durability of long-strand cotton to create the most durable, comfortable material we can create. The fabrics have excellent stretch that does not bag out and still looks new after many washes. We also use a 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex Jersey as a base for our digitally printed fabrics. 

We have become well-known for some of our exciting yearly promotions like our 'Personalized Shirts' (when we allow you to personalize a shirt with a word or name of your choice) or 'Kindred Surprise' Bundles (when we sell mystery bundles of leggings). We generally offer each one of these twice a year, if we can. Usually, the offers launch and sell-out very quickly within the first number of days. They don't always happen at exactly the same time each year, so if you want to make sure you don't miss out on the next offer, sign up for our e-Newsletter so that you don't miss the next announcement.

If you plan on ordering any subscription items please make sure that you place those in a separate order. If any other retail items are ordered within the same order as a subscription, your order will be held until the end of the month. 

There are a number of unavoidable factors that are driving up the cost of us getting these goods made for you:

1. Our apparel is all manufactured here, locally, in British Columbia. Over the last four years, the province's minimum wage has steadily gone up from $11.35 an hour in 2017 to $15.20 on June 1, 2021. Our seamstresses get paid modestly more than minimum wage. I wish they were paid more, to be honest, but of course, every time the wages increase, our manufacturer increases the prices for the goods they sew for us. We've experienced aggressive price hikes in every single product style, even the ones we've been producing for many years.

2. The cost of shipping our raw materials has skyrocketed recently. The average price worldwide to ship a 40-foot container has more than quadrupled from a year ago, to $8,399 as of July 1, 2021. There is a multitude of reasons for this, but it's usually blamed on container shortages and limitations due to the global Pandemic.

3. In the past, we've used a lower grade fabric on our digitally printed designs (you may have noticed older florals were printed on a 95% cotton / 5% spandex). We did this to keep the costs down. But as we've grown and developed as a company, we realized this lower grade fabric just can't compete with the performance of our signature bamboo/cotton material we've specifically developed (which is the make-up of all our dyed and screen-printed fabrics). So we recently made the switch to using bamboo/cotton for our digital prints just so that everything would match in quality... this makes the cost of every single floral (or any other all-over digital print) much higher than the other fabrics. 

What have we done to find a balance between our increasing costs and keeping things affordable for you?

1. We keep our margins as tight as we possibly can. We've compared our margins with other brands and found ours to be on the very very low end comparatively. Especially on core items like leggings, pullovers, and T-shirts. You will notice that compared to the prices of 'NEW' styles, the core product's pricing has remained more consistent.

2. In some cases, we are absorbing a lot of the additional costs. When we made the decision to upgrade our digital print fabrics, we did not increase the prices of digitally printed goods respectively. Most of our kid's dresses, for example, are available in these expensive florals, but we've kept the prices even with the non-digitally printed items.

3. We've created multiple options for consumers. You'll find that we have simple products like leggings, pullovers, and beanies that are priced more affordably. But then we also offer products that have a lot more detail (and therefore, cost) associated with them. In this way, we try to offer some variety with some lower and some higher-priced items.

4. We will take significant hits on some products, for example, baby onesies. Producing a product with so much detail like baby onesies in Canada is very expensive. We actually sell them for less than we 'should' be by our pricing formula. We just hope that we'll make up for the discrepancy with other products. 

Get peace of mind with Delivery Guarantee in the event your delivery is damaged, stolen, or lost during transit.

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Unfortunately, we cannot retroactively apply any discounts/offers to orders.


Yes, you can combine the entire rewards amount and discount codes!

Yes. you can apply the entire rewards amount and gift card code in the checkout.

Currently, we can only issue the entire reward amount at once. However, if your order total is less than the value of your rewards, the remaining balance will be returned to your wallet.

Yor credits expire after 6 months. We will send an email reminder 2 weeks prior to points expiry date.

Your shop credit is securely stored in your Little & Lively Rewards Wallet. Access your wallet by clicking the 'Rewards' icon located in the lower left corner.

While it's not possible to split your shop credit, you can share a unique 10% discount code with your friends. Plus, when they use it, you'll earn 10% back.

Absolutely! You can utilize your shop credit both online and in our physical store.

Yes, any shop credit used for a purchase will be reimbursed back to your account if you decide to return the item.