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Little & Lively is for kids. We mean it when we say that. We bring Little & Lively cute tops for kids in Canada, North America or anywhere in the world. Designed in-house and made using ethically-sourced fabric, our kids’ clothing is worth spending on.


Cotton is a popular fabric for kids’ clothing. We use super soft bamboo/cotton fabric lined with fleece. It keeps the toddlers and growing kids warm and cozy as the temperature starts dropping. 

Even in summers, the non-fleece, bamboo cotton tops will keep the young and growing kids, cool, comfortable and fresh all day long. The fabric is lightweight, breathable and wicks away moisture ( sweat) on hot and humid days.

Last but not least, the fabric does not cause allergy if your child happens to have dry and sensitive skin. Visit the kids’ studio online and buy one for your child or to gift someone else.

There’s absolutely no doubt over their quality and safety for your kids. Your investment in the kids’ tops with us is worth it! Shop now.

Free Shipping within North America on orders over $100 (before taxes and after discounts).


Style the Kids in Cute Tops

Kids tops are common but when it comes to the Kindred Studio, we go one step ahead to style your kids right, even if they are cradling babies. 

Our kids’ tops are cute for they come with prints that are funny as well as intriguing. Toadstools, nutcracker, sugar plum, whimsical fairy, reading time and more. Some of the tops have heart-warming quotes that are unique to the personality of the kids.

From full sleeves to half-sleeves and tank tops, we got your kids’ wardrobe covered here. Pair it with baby leggings, bottoms or Pjs to hang out with family at home.

Our kids’ studio houses cute tops for kids in many bright and lively colours. Red, blue, green, and more. Find the one that only adds to your kid’s cuteness.

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Young kids can be fussy but not if it comes to Little & Lively tops and t-shirts. The Kindred Studio houses a wide range of tops for boys and girls, of all ages.

From newborn to growing kids, there is one perfect piece for your little princess or prince with us. We have girlish prints ( flowers, fairy, etc.) and the one that appeals to boys ( plain, quotes, etc.)

Parents will be wowed over the little and lively clothing collection at our kids’ studio in Canada. Wear at home or to play with friends outside, the cute tops are the best option.

Do not worry about stains or dust. They are easy to wash away in the machine. They do not lose colour even after repeated washes.

Browse and buy what makes your kids look super cute.

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The Kindred Studio Review

Twin with your cute sis or bro!

Cute kids deserve cute tops. The Kindred Studio offers a broad spectrum of kids’ clothes that you can wear to twin with siblings and/or even your family. Visit the studio and shop for tops/t-shirts for your children and yourself too.

Pose for family pics with family, friends or spend a lazy day at home, you’ll never be short of options here. We have matching clothes for adults too.

Keep checking the space for big discounts! 

Discover a matching pair of kids cute tops.

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  1. Is the fabric any different for boys’ and girls’ tops?

No. it is the same. The kids’ studio uses ethically sourced, bamboo cotton fabric for kids’ tops. Some tops may not have a fleece lining. They are generally worn in summers. Otherwise, there is no difference as such in the quality of fabric.

  1. How to measure the size of the top for my kids?

We get your confusion. Thus, we prepared a size chart for your reference. Please visit it here and start shopping!

Also, even if you buy the wrong size, we offer 30-day easy returns. So, it is all sorted at the Kindred Studio for kids.

  1. How to wash the kids’ clothes without shrinking?

The Kindred Studio clothes can be machine washed.

  • Use cold or water at room temperature
  • Add a small amount of safe detergent
  • Set gentle wash cycle
  • Rinse and hang the clothes to dry

Please note, there is a possibility of up to 5% shrinkage lengthwise in any garments made with cotton, even after following the care label instructions

  1. Can kids wear cotton tops in winter?

Yes, the cotton tops have a fleece lining that’s considered good for winters. The fleece fabric forms a warm layer with the skin and retains the heat. So, even if the winter gets bitter, your kids will feel cozy and comfortable in the long-sleeve tops( or pullovers).