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Baby Leggings

The Kindred Studio brings Little & Lively Baby leggings to your doorsteps. Ethically sourced and made in Canada, the bamboo cotton tights are perfect for newborns, toddlers and young kids. Be it designs or sizes, a great variety awaits you here. Shop now!

Best Leggings for The Bowed Legs Babies

We are so sure of it. Why? Well, the Kindred Studio has put in a lot of sincerity and thought in designing and manufacturing leggings for babies.
The newborns have bow legs that straighten out with time. Our Canada-made leggings are shape-fitting and support the babies to move their legs with ease and comfort.

● They are made out of super soft pre-shrunk cotton.
● They come with a waistband that is proportioned to fit in a diaper.
● They have cute prints like flowers, animals, birds, plaids and cartoons.
● They are available in popular colours like blue, green, pink, beige, and yellow.
● They are available in all sizes, ranging from newborns, toddlers to young kids.
The Little & Lively leggings are a must-have in your kids’ wardrobe! They are worth investing in for the unparalleled quality and value for money.


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Do Not Let Winter Hurt Your Child

Winters can be cruel to newborns. They are born with soft and sensitive skin and are relatively more vulnerable to cold weather than adults.
So, what can possibly keep them warm and cozy? A pair of fleece-lined leggings for kids! The Kindred Studio offers Little & Lively baby leggings that keep a child comfortable and protected throughout winters.

The fabric forms an extra layer of warmth around the skin. Winter chills can no longer disturb your baby’s beauty sleep. Plus the tights protect their knees from getting hurt when they try to crawl all day long.
Your baby deserves all the love in the world. Pamper him or her, a pair of cute leggings or tights for toddlers listed at our online shop. We got a great variety of newborn leggings for baby boys and baby girls to choose from.

Browse and buy for your baby.

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The Cute & Cuddly Toddler Tights

Your baby is cuteness overloaded. So, why not add some more? Our pull-on knit sweater tights come in a wide range of cute designs and patterns that kids love the most.
From plain leggings to leggings with hello kitty, floral, galaxy, honeycomb, vegetables, bikes, rainbow and many vibrant prints, we have unbelievable Little & Lively options in many popular colours.
The evergreen black, summerish white, yellow, pink to spring green to winter red and more. Why buy one pair of leggings, when you can have more at low prices. Keep checking the space for the best deals online.

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How to Make your Baby Party-Ready

Parties are not meant for adults only. Host a welcome party for your newborn and dress up your baby like a prince or princess.

The Kindred Studio offers your party leggings for kids of the age of up to 12 years and even more. From toddlers’ sequin leggings for baby girls to smart football leggings for baby boys and unisex Halloween baby leggings, there is so much in store for you.

These leggings/tights can be effortlessly paired with any t-shirt, hoodie, beanie or anything styling. We have got a complete kids’ clothing collection from Little & Lively and Bek & Jet for you.

If that’s not all, try baby jumper and leggings sets for sale with us. We restock regularly that keep many options open for parents to make their child look extra good.

Frequently asked questions

  • Which fabric is best for baby leggings?

Cotton fabric is a popular choice for baby clothes. Cotton is soft, breathable and dries quickly when exposed to water. Plus it is eco-friendly which makes it a safe option for babies who are born with sensitive skin.

  • Are fleece-lined leggings good for babies?

Yes, fleece is a lightweight and breathable fabric that creates extra warmth when worn in winter. Newborns and toddlers can wear fleece-lined leggings without any second thought. However, avoid using the same in summer. Some babies may feel uncomfortable as the temperature starts shooting. Bamboo cotton baby leggings without fleece lining are a go-to option in that case.


  • Why do babies wear leggings?

Leggings are a perfect clothing option for newborns as they have extra room to wear diapers without restricting their fluid movement. Plus they are made of soft cotton that provides extra protection to their knees while crawling. They are commonly worn by babies while sleeping, relaxing or even playing.

  • How to size a pair of baby leggings?

The baby leggings are generally sized as per their age. Click on the size chart and track down the length and waist size to be doubly sure of the purchase. Be assured that leggings are a comfort-fit clothing option.

  • How to wash a newborn’s tights?

They are better washed in a machine with cold water. Hang them dry when it’s done. Also. do not use bleach or harsh chemical.