The Kindred Clothing Co. | Made In Canada Women's Clothing

The Kindred Clothing Co. | Made In Canada Womens Clothing
Introducing the new name and branding for our Making Studio/Boutique located in beautiful Downtown Abbotsford. This new Studio/Boutique is our headquarters for stylish everyday apparel designed for families & the place where all the @littleandlively magic happens.
Everything we offer is made locally, right here in Abbotsford, our hometown.
The Kindred Clothing Co. was literally and figuratively built around the concept of family. Our main clothing line, @littleandlively has been a family-run business for about two years now, creating clothing for littles with the recent addition of clothing for mamas too! 
We've structured our business around our family with the intention of maintaining a healthy balance between work and family life. All our creations have a carefree, effortless style, designed with your lovely, wonderful and playful families in mind.
We make clothes for all the messes, all the embraces, all the silly past-times, playful games, practices, tantrums, coffee dates, shopping trips, daycare days, playground outings and random experiences of everyday life.
We are The Kindred Clothing Co.
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