8 Adorable Birthday Parties for Your Littles

8 Adorable Birthday Parties for Your Littles

Here at Little & Lively we’ve been to our fair share of birthday parties. Whether it’s a theme inspired by pieces from the collection, or a private party for one of our friends we sure know how throw a bash!

Do you have a party coming up for a special little one in your life? Check out our favourite themed parties for kids and some of the stellar local families putting them together.


Dinosaur Party

Bowen's Dinosaur Party

Have a little dino lover in your life? Throw them a party for the ages with a Jurassic themed party. We contributed to Bowen’s party from Posie & Pine with our T-rex Canvas Banner; this was paired with matching confections and Feelin' It Decals palm leaf decals for a super cool dinosaur party theme!

Dinosaur Canvas Banner

Customize this party with different food — a leaf eater appetizer, or totally carnivorous BBQ options. You could also mix it up with different dinosaurs! Talk to us about custom decals to dress up your walls!

Have a sandbox or live near some dirt? Plan a dig and let the kids discover their own fossils!



Little Gem Party

8 Adorable Birthday Parties for Your Littles

This list wouldn’t be complete without talking about the Little Gem party!

We were asked to design elements for this Little Gem themed party in collaboration with Creative Wife and Joyful Worker. Little & Lively contributed the Gem Wall Decals and a matching Raglan Pullover! And how about that cake from The Statement Cake?

[Pictured with Dainty Sprinkle Co. 'Night Out' Sprinkle Mix']

This party theme could have a creative element if the kids decorate their own stones or make their own jewelry with gem style beads. Pair it with an outdoor setting and you’ve got little geologists in the making.

Precious gems come in all shapes and sizes, and I mean both kids and rocks!



Under the Sea party

For the little that loves the water! This one can be styled up in a variety of ways with wall decals, cake toppers, and other printables from local designers. You can totally go 'all out' like this Little Mermaid themed party from Catch My Party!

8 Adorable Birthday Parties for Your Littles

Mermaids are a great summer theme to pair with a pool or beach party. Plus they’re a great way to get that “mermaid hair & salty air” look.

8 Adorable Birthday Parties for Your Littles

[Mermaid Hair Banner / Mermaid Tail / Mermaid Tee & Bracelet Gift Set]

Fun activities can include the sensory tub featured in Ari’s party from Our Happy Place Blog, or a hunt for buried treasure. Give them a map and some shovels and see if they can find all the treats you’ve hidden for them! Or invite Disney’s most famous mermaid to your birthday splash!



Unicorn Magic Party

Ready for a little magic? How about a unicorn themed party? I’m inspired by this theme from a few local parties including this one from CWJW featuring decor and supplies from many local vendors.

8 Adorable Birthday Parties for Your Littles

I love this magical party from Arrow and Lace. Ariella’s unicorn birthday featured some spunkier colours from Vancouver based home decor store The Cross Design and a rice crispie unicorn cake by The Cake Mama as per special request from the birthday girl.

8 Adorable Birthday Parties for Your Littles

And more unicorns appeared at Imogen’s first birthday from Jayme Anne Photography. The party was magical with unicorns and she rocked her Little & Lively Unicorn Raglan Pullover the whole day.

Imogen's Unicorn Party



Born to Explore Party

We talked about a family scavenger hunt day in a feature for Loving Local. This is a great way to get outside as a family and discover something new!

Loving local

So why not expand that idea into a full fledged birthday party!? Design fun activities for the littles around deciphering clues and finding little treasures. Inspired by our Born to Explore Raglan Pullover, this party goes well with every season and works for kids any age.

8 Adorable Birthday Parties for Your Littles

[Image via @adventuresofcruz featuring our Born To Explore Tee & campfire set by @nixiauroo]
8 Adorable Birthday Parties for Your Littles

Dress it up with fun decor like this mountain banner from Heather & Gem or some cute exploratory party favours like these grow-your-own bean plants that guests took home from Liam’s “True North” Birthday at Our Happy Place.



Totally tropical party

It’s time to bust out the sunscreen and shades with this fun theme! More inspiration from CWJW and work from local vendors including some stellar tropical decor from Heather and Gem!
Totally Tropical Party

This party begs to be outdoors with its bright, fun colours and summery food pairings. Make fruit kebabs with pineapple, mango, or whatever other fruit you like & grill ‘em up for a warm smoky/sweet treat.

8 Adorable Birthday Parties for Your Littles

Kewe Clothing

Also your littles can dress the part with tropical themed clothing from KEWE’s 2017 collection.



Nap Time Slumber Party

I love this idea for a party. I was inspired by these cute DIY Cloud Balloons that would totally pair with our “Sleep in” Canvas Banner or Cloud Wall Decals for slumber party decor.

8 Adorable Birthday Parties for Your Littles

8 Adorable Birthday Parties for Your Littles

There’s something about the pillowy softness of clouds that makes me want to lay down and nap. Party guests can indulge in cloud-like cotton candy treats, or go for fun flavoured popcorn and a fort building contest to make it a slumbery bash!

8 Adorable Birthday Parties for Your Littles

This room decor by our pals on Instagram @adventuresofcruz is giving us all kinds of inspiration for a slumber party. You'll have to visit their Instagram page to follow the generous tags to find out about all the amazing things represented in this photo!

I like the idea of pairing this theme with pyjamas and a movie night. Slippers and comfy clothes all the way!



Beautiful Ballerina Party

It seems fitting to end with the Swan Lake party I threw for my daughter.

8 Adorable Birthday Parties for Your Littles

It was a long time in the making and I was so thrilled to throw it for Daphne. We made the girls into ballerinas for the day including tutus for party-goers, a DIY balance bar, loads of sweet treats, and a visit from a real ballerina! We used our Gold Swan Wall Decals to decorate the cups and plates and tie the theme together!

8 Adorable Birthday Parties for Your Littles

8 Adorable Birthday Parties for Your Littles

I’m not sure what was the bigger hit: the ballerina Barbie cake requested by Daphne herself, made by The Cake Mama, or the ballet class for all the dancers in the room. Either way this party was a huge hit and our little girl definitely felt like a principal dancer for the day.



Make it your own!

We’ve seen some great parties from so many families celebrating their littles. Party planning can be stressful so take it easy on yourself. Bring together ideas that speak to your child’s unique personality and leave your own stamp on the Instagram parties of the world.

Things I need to remember myself: start early, plan what you can, and then when it comes to your kid’s big day just enjoy it!

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