Make Waves - draft

Every small action we take adds to the collective wave of change.

Our "Make Waves" Collection features ocean-inspired colors and beachy prints, reminding us of the beauty and diversity of our oceans. Join us this Spring/Summer in celebrating oceans and marine life through the use of colors like navy, seafoam and violet, reminiscent of cherished memories spent at the beach with loved ones!

A selection of beloved sea creatures, including otters, crabs, sea turtles, and mermaids nod to the playful, sensitive and whimsical nature of your children.

Our "Make Waves" collection brings attention to the importance of protecting our oceans. It empowers the next generation to make choices that align with their values and strive for positive change.

Adorn your children in sustainably sourced, kid-friendly clothing and inspire them to become the ocean protectors and change-makers of the future.

SS23 - Swimwear

Make a splash this summer with our SS23 Swimwear!

SS23 - Drop 1

Features Ocean-inspired Colors And Beachy Prints

SS23 - Drop 2

Mermaid-Inspired Rib-Knit Play Sets

SS23 - Drop 3

Match with Your Mini: Summer Sets for Moms and Kids