Carter's vs. Little & Lively

Little & Lively vs. Carter’s: The Kids’ Clothing I’ll Pick For My Littles Every Time

Mable Chen
By Mable Chen Jan 27, 2023 Sponsored

I know the “YOLO” trend is long past—thank goodness—and now millennial moms like me are assigning the acronym new meaning, squeezing our babies and saying “you’re only little once!” (They just love it, let me tell you.) It’s for this reason that I’m not wasting a single outfit on kids' clothes that I don’t adore. Every second is too precious!

There are a ton of cute ones out there, but as a mom of 2 with not a moment of spare time, I wanted to find a single brand that I know I can rely on as my boys grow. Today I’m looking at two brands that everyone’s talking about: Little & Lively has been hyped up all over Instagram, and Carter’s has been around forever—find out which one stole my heart!

If you want the world’s softest kids' clothes… Little & Lively

Of course, you want to dress your baby in blissfully soft materials! That sensitive skin deserves no less. Little & Lively clothes are all made from their proprietary bamboo/cotton fabric, called Soothe Knit™. It’s like gently flowing water in fabric form. Not only does it feel like the perfect thing to dress my baby in, but my toddler is also loving every second of playing in every direction in these forgiving clothes!

Get super soft clothes for play

For cute, kid-friendly patterns in colors appealing to your eye… Little & Lively

I love dressing my family in matching outfits, and I have no shame about it whatsoever! You’ll see us in lots of neutrals, but when I introduce color, it’s always something soothing to the eye. I respect people whose preference is neon hues, but that’s just not us. I absolutely love that Little & Lively’s whole curation is filled with muted and earthy shades. Their lively prints are perfect for kids’ expressive personalities, too.

Carter’s has some options in our color scheme, too, but honestly, I feel like I could fill my Little & Lively cart with my eyes closed and know I’ll end up with a delivery of things that work for us.

If you’re buying kids' clothes on a budget… Carter’s

So many people comment on how their baby only wore a certain size for a month, and I get that—it’s their job to grow, after all! I think Little & Lively boasts an impressive price point for the incredible quality of their product, but if your budget for kids’ clothing is a little lower, Carter’s has a ton of really cute options to choose from.

If you’re looking for ethically made kids' clothes… Little & Lively

It’s not every day you meet kids’ clothes that are both ethically made and durable. Most eco-friendly baby and kids’ clothing companies carry styles in knits and high-end fabrics that cost a boatload and could be snagged or stained in an instant. I love that Little & Lively styles are ethically made in Canada with environmental stewardship and fair labor practices at the core of their values, and simultaneously play-ready. For me, it’s worth it to spend a bit more to support a company that’s more environmentally friendly and committed to fair wages.

If mom wants in on the fun… Little & Lively

How often are we shopping for our kids and loving the colors and styles we’re seeing, wishing they came in our size? While Carter’s focuses on just clothing for the littles, Little & Lively carries adult clothing in that buttery soft material, too! Dresses, tops, leggings, and pajamas—for both parents, actually!—this company lets the parents get a taste of the sweet colors and prints that the kids get to sport.

It’s Little & Lively for my family!

From the ridiculously soft material to the pleasing-and-fun color schemes, the eco-conscious practices to the durability, Little & Lively clothing has stolen our hearts! My boys are adorably dressed in these long-lasting clothes, and my husband and I are eyeing our next matching family outfits.

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